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How is a personal injury handled in the workplace?

Personal injuries occur in a wide variety of different work accidents throughout the United States on a daily basis. Common accidents known to cause personal injury in the workplace include slip and fall accidents, lifting accidents, industrial accidents, occupational disease, repetitive trauma and others. When these types of injuries occur on the job, an employee may file a claim to receive workers' compensation benefits in order to cover costs associated with the injury such as recovery or loss of wages due to the inability of the victim to continue working.

Work accidents are capable of causing a wide variety of different emotional and physical personal injuries such as head or brain injuries, broken bones or sprains, burn injuries, lost extremities or limbs, and even death. All workplace accident personal injury victims should consider seeking the services of a skilled workers' compensation attorney rather than go through the appropriate channels with their employer in order to encourage the best possible outcome in terms of the amount of your final claim.

Going through your employer, or going the process alone can be overwhelming, and you may miss out on significant opportunities to either prove your claim or receive the correct amount for your particular injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Fairfield County

Schafer Law strong supports the rights of all personal injury victims who seek workers' compensation benefits for work accidents. Our firm is composed of a small, focused group of specialists who understand the claims process as well as they understand workers' compensation laws in Connecticut, and we have helped many employees working in Fairfield County and New Haven County to receive the counseling and support needed to confidently navigate the process toward the best possible result.

We work closely with every client in order to formulate an ideal approach, and our efforts have led our clients to consistent positive resolutions for years.

Contact a Stamford personal injury attorney if you have suffered a personal injury in the workplace and have not received the benefits you are entitled to.

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