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Fairfield County Juvenile Law Attorney

Protecting Young People in Legal Trouble in Stamford

Juvenile law is an area of the legal system that differs greatly from the traditional legal system in a few very important ways. Juvenile law is the legal system that becomes available to minors who commit a broad range of crimes including shoplifting, vandalism, theft, assault, drug crimes, computer crimes and many others. Because the offender is a minor, they must undergo a juvenile system that seeks to give offenders minimized penalties or alternatives to standard punishments that would never be considered in the traditional legal system.

With the exception of a comparatively small number of cases, most juveniles whose crimes are tried in court can expect to be tried as a minor, and sentenced as such. In some of the most extreme cases, juveniles may be charged as adults and can face maximum penalties for crimes like murder and others. It is critical that any juvenile offender be represented by a skilled Fairfield County juvenile law attorney who understands the intricacies of juvenile law and can formulate a compelling strategy that gets results.

Juvenile Representation in Fairfield and New Haven

Schafer Law is a small but effective law firm consisting of skilled attorneys and other veteran legal professionals who are adept at supporting the needs of the accused in juvenile legal matters across Fairfield County and New Haven County. Our firm is able to provide impressive legal support, research, guidance, counsel and representation for any legal issue concerning a juvenile. We can build a specific strategy tailored to a child's situation that is designed to provide evidence in support of, and not in opposition to the innocence of our clients. Our firm is proud of our successful record of consistence concerning juvenile law, and we will continue to work toward the protection of minors who have been charged with crimes.

Contact a Stamford juvenile law attorney if you or a loved one is having issues with juvenile law and would like strong legal representation.

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