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Occupational Disease and Workers' Compensation

Becoming Sick Because of Workplace Exposure

There are risks and dangers associated with virtually any type of employment available today, with some being more potentially damaging than others. Occupational diseases, for example, are illnesses that are developed or contracted through the term of an individual's employment with a company.

Commonly known types of occupational disease include mesothelioma as well as other cancers and conditions that form as a result of inhalation of a variety of hazardous materials like asbestos, fiber glass, smoke from fire, chemical fumes and many others. All personal injury victims who have suffered from an occupational disease resulting from their work should speak with a Stamford workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible to discuss options regarding potential claims.

Occupational diseases can sometimes be difficult to diagnose because the victims do not always consider that their place of employment may play an integral role in the development of their disease. In fact, it may take several visits with a physician to identify the causes for the disease as a physician may not always recognize the underlying situation that has led to the condition. Moreover, it may be difficult to truly determine whether an occupational disease is the result of your work, or just a coincidence.

Workers' Compensation Firm in Fairfield County

Undertaking a compensation claim for an occupational disease is can be difficult without a skilled attorney at your side. At Schafer Law, we specialize in assisting clients who are interested in pursuing compensation for their occupational injuries, and want to see results. Our firm is small, providing complete focus for the clients we work with which often results in an advantage throughout the process.

We can work with you to understand your illness and how it occurred, and then traces the illness back to your work environment in a compelling and convincing way. Your suffering through an occupational disease should not go unrecognized, and we have proudly brought successful claims to resolution for many clients within Fairfield County and New Haven County.

Contact a Fairfield County workers' compensation attorney if you have contracted a disease as a result of your workplace environment and would like to discuss your options for compensation.

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