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Lifting Injury Attorneys

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Lifting accidents occur in virtually every job or workplace when an employee is injured while attempting to lift a heavy object or a piece of equipment without using proper safety precautions, or in cases where negligence of a co-worker or employer plays a role that results in an accident with injury.

Lifting accidents are fully covered in Connecticut Workers' Compensation laws, and victims of lifting accidents may be eligible to receive substantial workers compensation benefits from injuries that were suffered while on the job.

Many employers are capable of assisting employees in the claims process for workers' compensation, but that does not mean the assistance you will receive is of any level of quality. Because businesses must focus on many areas in addition to workers' compensation claims, human resources departments and other responsible parties may not be familiar enough with the process or law to be of any real benefit.

A workers' compensation lawyer with experience in lifting accidents is the preferred option in the event of any work accident, because a legal professional who is familiar with the process can provide a distinct advantage on many levels.

Hurt your back while heavy lifting? Our lifting accident attorneys can help.

Schafer Law has been providing dependable workers' compensation claims guidance, representation and other services to clients throughout Fairfield County and New Haven County for years. We pride ourselves on our history of achievement and have helped many clients to win their workers' compensation claims and receive the benefits they need to cover costs associated with recovery and loss of wages due to the inability to work.

Our attorneys will take the time learn about you and the work accident that caused your personal injury, and can plan an approach to get your matter resolved with the benefits.

Contact a Stamford workers' compensation lawyer if you have been injured in a workplace lifting accident and are not getting the benefits you are entitled to.

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