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Independent Contractor Claims

Can an independent contractor file a workers' compensation claim?

An independent contractor is a person who performs services for multiple individuals and is not employed by one company alone. A person is considered to be an employee if they work for one company and are controlled by that company, meaning they are directed by the business to perform the services they have been hired to provide. Independent contractors who are injured while performing their jobs are not permitted to receive workers' compensation benefits through the company they are working for.

A Fairfield County workers' compensation attorney may be able to consult you on your case, and determine whether you are being correctly categorized as an independent contractor. It is not uncommon for a person to be incorrectly designated as an independent contractor for any number of reasons including unethical business practices and simple company error.

With this designation, however, comes the elimination of any right to receive workers' compensation benefits for a personal injury sustained in the workplace. Due to the fact that many independent contractors may more appropriately suit the requirements of an employee, victims of workplace injuries should always seek to clarify their status with a company, especially in light of a workplace injury.

Workers' Comp Firm in Fairfield Helping Independent Contractors

Schafer Law comprises a small team of dedicated lawyers and legal professionals who have a deep understanding of all matters of workers' compensation, including independent contractor claims in Fairfield County and New Haven County.

Our firm works closely with clients to determine their true work status within a company, and can formulate a strategy for pursuit of workers' compensation benefits that may prove successful, whether by traditional claims procedures or the court process. We also provide counseling for workplace accident victims and can bring a true sense of understanding to any case. We support your right to receive the compensation you may be entitled to, and we will fight to see that you get the support you deserve.

Contact a Stamford workers' compensation attorney if you are an independent contractor who has been hurt on the job and are seeking compensation for your injuries.

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