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Heart & Hypertension Conditions

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Heart problems and issues with hypertension are common in many Americans, and are caused by a number of factors related to family medical history, diet, lifestyle and stress. Stressful occupations such as those who are or have worked as police officers or firefighters may experience an increased risk for heart and hypertension problems due to the nature of the job.

Connecticut's Heart and Hypertension Act was signed into law in 1977, and allows firefighters and police officers with hypertension and heart disease to receive benefits equivalent to those found in workers' compensation without the burden of proving that the condition was in fact caused by their work.

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Eligibility for compensation under the Heart and Hypertension Act requires that the recipient be a current or former police officer or firefighter, and that a pre-employment physical was conducted that showed no signs of either hypertension or heart disease. Under the law, the presence of these serious conditions after employment has begun indicates that the problems themselves may have been caused by the workplace.

Police officers and firefighters who meet these requirements and provide written notice of their condition within one year of diagnosis can expect to receive the equivalent of workers' compensation benefits, although emergency situations may require immediate notification.

A skilled Stamford workers' compensation lawyer can help determine whether you meet the necessary requirements, and can also guide you through the claims process.

Legal Representation for Heart Disease and Hypertension Injuries in Fairfield County, CT

Despite the fact that Connecticut passed the Heart and Hypertension act over 30 years ago, many afflicted police officers and firefighters continue to suffer from heart disease and hypertension as a result of their jobs without seeking the compensatory benefits they are entitled to under the law. Where much of the claims process can be overwhelming, Schafer Law is available to help.

Our firm is composed of a small team of specialized attorneys and other legal professionals who have an in-depth understanding of Connecticut law, and can provide valuable insight, counseling and guidance throughout the claims process. You have a right to workers' compensation benefits if you have developed heart problems or hypertension in the line of duty, and we want to help you achieve that important security.

Contact a Stamford heart and hypertension worker's compensation lawyer if you are experiencing issues related to heart problems or hypertension caused in the workplace and want to pursue compensation.

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