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Workers' Comp Benefits for Construction Workers in Fairfield County

Due to the dangerous nature of the work, the construction industry is one of the most high-risk areas of employment where serious work injury may occur.

Construction workers operate heavy equipment and dangerous tools, and unfortunately, negligence is a common cause of many construction accidents.

The victims of construction accidents are often eligible to receive benefits from worker's compensation in the state of Connecticut in order to cover important costs related to their injuries, but this is not always the case, as some employers could contest a valid claim, or even advise that you do not file a claim, or other action creating problems for the injured.

In these situations, it is crucial that you enlist the services of an aggressive Stamford workers' compensation lawyer who can pursue those benefits and has a record of successful claim resolution.

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Construction workers can suffer from virtually any type of injury on the job site; for example, slip and fall accidents, lifting accidents, and other labor accidents are common throughout construction sites across Fairfield County and New Haven County.

Many workers suffer serious job injuries such as broken bones, lost extremities or limbs, head injuries and many others.

When victims of these accidents are not given their deserved worker's compensation benefits, they may be unable to pay rising medical costs and can experience additional financial hardship by having to pay the bills at home. It's a difficult situation when your employer fails to live up to their responsibilities after a workplace accident, but there is a great opportunity to pursue rightful compensation with the assistance of our firm.

The need for legal representation is quite urgent in these scenarios if you hope to achieve victory and secure all the benefits you could be due under state law.

Construction Accident Lawyers in Fairfield County

Recognizing that construction accidents are among the most common accident-prone environments in any industry, Schafer Law is well prepared to act as an advocate for anyone who has sustained injury under these circumstances.

Our firm is composed of a small number of attorneys who prefer to focus on providing high-quality services to one client, rather than many simultaneously. We do not shuffle clients, which mean you will work with the same attorney from the firm throughout the life of your case.

This relationship has been known to provide a more effective representation in court or through the process, and has also resulted in a more well-informed client who understands their case.

Contact a Norwalk construction accident lawyer if you have been injured in a workplace construction accident and would like to pursue legal options for compensation.

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