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Workplace Accidents in Fairfield

After you have been injured in a work accident, there is probably a lot on your mind. How long will it take to recover from your injuries? Will you lose your job? How long until you obtain workers' compensation benefits and for how long? As many workers are not only supporting themselves, but their spouses and their children, at Schafer Law we understand how these concerns can weigh heavily on one's mind.

That's why we are here to offer our legal support during this difficult time in your life. We are extremely familiar with Connecticut State workers' compensation laws and how they apply to injured workers. We urge you to contact a Fairfield workers' compensation attorney from our firm as soon as you possibly can.

Considering the numbers of hours Americans devote to their jobs, it's no wonder people get injured in car accidents, construction accidents, labor accidents, landscaping accidents, industrial accidents and lifting accidents in the course of their work. Even seemingly safe occupations can cause repetitive trauma or other personal injuries. Our firm represents people who have experienced virtually all types of injuries as a result of work accidents including slip and fall accidents.

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We can also assist clients who are suffering from an occupational disease or another serious heart condition or hypertension. If your employer is attempting to designate you as an independent contractor so they won't be responsible for paying your workers' compensation benefits, then we can help you determine if you are being correctly categorized as an independent contractor.

It's not unusual for a person to be categorized as an independent contractor due to a clerical error, or even an unethical company practice. Either way, we can help you get down to the bottom of this matter rather quickly so you can know how best to proceed forward from there.

Schafer Law is not just any other law firm; in 2012 we were named a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers, a highly respected attorney rating service. Rising Star is an honorary title that is only bestowed upon a mere 2.5% of attorneys in a state. We are proud that our clients' successful workers' compensation cases have become our own success to the extent that it has been recognized by Super Lawyers. Our firm also stands out in the fact that we have a board-certified workers' compensation specialist on our legal team.

We are a family-oriented law firm that is entirely focused on helping you obtain the time and the money you need to recover to the best of your ability. Give us a call today for the superior legal representation you truly deserve. In addition to workers' compensation law, we are pleased to work in other areas of law as well including: personal injury, juvenile law and criminal defense.

Contact a Fairfield workers' compensation attorney from Schafer Law to schedule your initial consultation with a member of our legal team.

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