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What is an Occupational Disease and How Do I Know if I Have One?

There are many professions that require workers to perform their duties in an unsafe or potentially harmful environment. The risks these types of jobs pose are usually considered as just another part of the job. Prior knowledge of the dangers does not mean that a serious injury or illness an employee sustains while on the job should not be covered by his or her employer's workers' compensation insurance, as it should be covered. Our law firm has helped countless individuals obtain the workers' compensation benefits and financial remuneration they deserved after sustaining a serious injury or contracting an occupational disease while on the job. Each of our attorneys are aggressive advocates for workers' rights and we have devoted our practice to providing legal representation in workers' compensation claims and other types of personal injury cases.

One of the most significant types of work-related injuries our firm represents is the occupational disease. Occupational diseases are those serious or life-threatening diseases which are contracted as a result of an individual's job or chosen profession. Some of the most common types of occupational diseases include certain types of cancer such as mesothelioma and leukemia, lung disease, respiratory problems, heart disease, asbestosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others.

These types of disease are commonly seen in construction workers, firefighters, miners, painters and other individuals who regularly come in contact with or inhale fumes from chemical or other toxic materials. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain syndrome are also examples of occupational diseases that can be contracted as a result of an individual's job. These types of disease can be seen in all types of professions from construction workers to professional athletes and programmers to general office staff. The majority of people who catch these types of disease will not associate their illness with their job. A Stamford workers' compensation attorney from our firm will work with you closely to document your illness and trace its origin back to a specific situation or condition existing at your place of work. Proving that a disease or illness is directly tied to an occupational hazard is not a simple task, however we will do everything we can to help you prove your claim so that you can recover the compensation and benefits you are eligible to receive. Call Schafer Law today.