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The Dangers Posed by Repetitive Tasks

Individuals who perform repetitive tasks as a part of their daily work routine are at serious risk of sustaining traumatic and painful work-related injuries. Many workers may not even know they are at risk until after they begin experiencing discomfort and have difficulty doing their assigned jobs. If you are unable to do your job as a result of repetitive trauma, you are going to need a skilled workers' compensation attorney advocating on your behalf. Schafer Law has been providing legal counsel to employees and other hired workers for many years. Our attorneys have an in-depth comprehension of workers' compensation laws and a complete understanding of what it will take to prove your case so that we can help you pursue the maximum remuneration and assistance you may be eligible to receive.

Repetitive work-related injuries can happen in almost any type of profession and in a wide variety of industries. Carpal tunnel syndrome commonly occurs with people who type, do computer programming or work online for a significant portion of their day. Employees who work in stock rooms, or in the construction industry, often sustain painful back and neck injuries as a result of constantly lifting, bending and carrying heavy boxes, tools or supplies.

Musicians, recording studio technicians and others who are continuously exposed to high decibel sound may experience a loss of hearing or agonizing headaches. Painters, oil workers and gas station attendants are just a few of the jobs that subject people to toxic fumes and harmful chemicals. Exposure to these types of substances could cause burns, eye injuries, lung problems, heart trouble and respiratory disease. If you are experiencing pain or you have sustained a traumatic injury that you believe can be tied to repetitive tasks performed at work, a Stamford workers' compensation attorney from our firm may be able to help. Call us now to find out how.