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Schafer & Schafer Recommended to Child Advocates Group

The Law Offices of Schafer & Schafer, LLP has been approached by Child Advocates of Connecticut (CAC)—an advocacy organization for neglected and abused children—with a request for pro bono legal services. The organization sought out our law firm after it received recommendations from various members of the bench and bar who previously worked with the lawyers. Attorney Timothy M. Schafer formerly served as a juvenile law panel attorney for the juvenile court program in Danbury, Connecticut. Furthermore, Attorney Marisa F. Schafer has represented abused and neglected children in juvenile court as a pro bono attorney for Lawyers for Children America.

CAC recruits and manages court-appointed volunteers who speak on behalf of children who have been harmed by their parents or guardians, according to the organization's website. The idea is to help these at-risk children get placed into permanent homes that provide them with safe environments. The group teams up with schools, attorneys, judges, social workers and many others who can work together toward this mission.

CAC asked The Law Offices of Schafer & Schafer, LLP to provide guardian ad litem legal advice and counseling on a pro bono basis. A guardian ad litem is an adult who is appointed by the court to protect the best interests of a ward—or an individual who are not able to protect his or her own rights—while a particular legal matter is being carried out. Wards are usually minors or mentally incapable individuals. The law firm was contacted by the organization's executive director, Stacey Sobel. The juvenile court program that the law firm's attorneys worked with serves both Danbury and Stamford.

Attorney Timothy Schafer started out as a mediator who handled criminal matters in the Bridgeport, Norwalk and Waterbury Super Courts. Once he became an attorney, he worked for a small law firm and started focusing on the practice area of workers' compensation. The lawyer then opened his own practice in 2008. Attorney Marisa F. Schafer joined the practice in 2012 after spending years working at a small general practice firm.

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