Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Workers' Compensation Claims for Repetitive Trauma

Repetitive trauma is a term associated with work injuries that occur on the job as a result of repetitive tasks that can cause injury over long periods of time and practice. Common types of repetition that can cause injury include computer work resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition, constant lifting or bending and other repetitive tasks that can grow to cause personal injury over time, as well as working in high decibel sound exposure or a work environment that exposes the employee to toxic fumes or gases. It is important to have an accomplished Stamford workers' compensation lawyer available in the case of a repetitive trauma injury in order to have the increase the possibility of getting the compensation benefits you deserve.

Repetitive tasks in the workplace can cause nerve damage, muscle damage as well as considerable damage to ligaments in virtually every part of the body. Eyesight and hearing is also commonly affected for those who work in loud environments, or when there has been an industrial accident with toxic exposure or an explosion of any type. An insightful physician may be able to accurately diagnose a repetitive trauma injury by reviewing the symptoms and asking a few questions. It is important to keep any medical records on hand that indicate when an injury was diagnosed in order to effectively link the injury to your work.

Are you suffering from a repetitive trauma injury in Fairfield County?

Repetitive trauma injuries are very common throughout the workforce, and anyone who sustains a work injury of this kind does have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits. Schafer & Schafer, LLP has consistently provided expert claims guidance to clients who have suffered from a repetitive trauma personal injury by working closely with clients in order to learn as much as possible about the injury, the work environment and anything else that may prove useful in the claims process. Our firm is composed of a small team of accomplished lawyers and other legal professionals who prefer to provide one-on-one service, meaning you won't meet with a new attorney with every visit. We are proud of our workers' compensation services to those residing in Fairfield County and New Haven County, and we will continue to fight hard for the needs of our clients.

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